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In The Land of Lies

Sean Kipe, Host of Imperative Entertainment’s “In the Red Clay” and “Fox Hunter” hit podcast series, has teamed up once again with Imperative to tell the story of former Gwinnett County, Georgia police officer Michael Chapel. Chapel was convicted of the 1993 robbery and brutal murder of Emogene Thompson and sentenced to life in prison.

La Nota Roja

Durante los últimos 25 años, miles de mujeres han sido brutalmente asesinadas o han desaparecido a lo largo de la frontera en Ciudad Juárez, México. La investigación de éstos crímenes han revelado una red sistémica de corrupción, violencia, trata de personas y un proceso de globalización sin control que las autoridades han intentado ocultar desesperadamente.

Mike Drop

The Mike Drop podcast is hosted by former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland. It is a not so politically correct discussion of wide ranging topics that span from government, politics and war to health and fitness, from guns and survival skills to food and nutrition with music, BBQ and a touch of everything else in between. This is THE platform that is completely raw, totally unfiltered and in your face, while still intellectually sound with good intuitive dialogue between A-holes that know what they’re talking about.