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The Download on Apple iOS17

What You Need to Know

Long the pioneer in podcasting, Apple is now busy blazing a new trail to more accurate audience data.

In September 2023, Apple made some important changes to iOS17 that impact how it serves automatic downloads to listeners.

Ever return to a podcast and get hit with countless back episodes? Did you blurt out, “What the… ?”

Now, when you unpause automatic downloads, Apple will no longer provide all unplayed previous episodes and will only serve new episodes.

The move is causing some pain for podcast creators, as they look at their monthly download figures and groan. But longer-term, downloads are expected to align more closely with actual listening, something advertisers and content creators should cheer.

Apple’s changes have many podcasters scratching their heads and looking for information. So our executive editor John Wordock assembled some resources and recommendations for you.

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