President Discusses Polling Accuracy, Social Media Trending, and Section 230

September 18, 2020

WHAT: Dan Bongino conducted a telephone interview with President Donald J. Trump this morning that was released today on The Dan Bongino Show Podcast. The President shared his thoughts on polling accuracy, Twitter, Section 230, and other topics with Dan Bongino.

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Dan Bongino: Peggy Noonan, even this morning, in her Op Ed in The Wall Street Journal, is worried about the potential for violence by people not willing to accept the results of this election afterwards. Is your administration concerned about that?

President Donald J. Trump: We want to win, and once we win, we’ll take care of business …

We are winning now … our polls show that we are winning in Wisconsin … we are winning in Arizona and yet The New York Times comes out with a poll that we’re nine down. We are not nine down … These polls are crooked … they are suppression polls … meant to depress the voter and even the candidate. We didn’t get too depressed last time. Last time, it was worse … Going into election day we were down in eight or nine swing states … every swing state … and we won every one of them. Every single one of them, we won.

If you look at The Washington Post poll, which is always terrible, except for the final day of the election but by that time it didn’t matter … they put us down 10, 12, 14, 18 last time, and then we won the election. They were very embarrassed for a day, and they get good for about a week, they apologize to everyone for such bad service, such bad reporting …

The New York Times actually apologized for such bad reporting, and I said, ‘well, that’s good, now we can have a nice, normal, good newspaper.’ Within two weeks they were back to their old stuff.

I think we are doing well. I think we are up in virtually every state … the real numbers … and we have real pollsters, too. We got a 52 or 53 today in Rusmussen, which was very accurate last time … there were two or three accurate polls last time, and in all three of them I’m up … and that’s with the popular vote…


Dan Bongino: Mr. President, on the social media front … Twitter and Facebook and others I’ve seen … are upping the ante … on what I perceive to be attacks on conservatives … Twitter, specifically on your account, they seem to fact check and put little disclaimers of your account, meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to repeat false attacks endlessly on his twitter account … What would happen in this post-election period, says it’s close and it’s a few days, or maybe a week or so before we know the results of the election, and yet your political people doing regular analysis, say, ‘Hey, listen, I think we won.’ What would stop Twitter from basically suspending your account and not letting you get information out there? What would you do if that was the case?

President Donald J. Trump: I would take it right to the Supreme Court. They are under the gun … They have a trending section … They are always putting me trending … and I’m always like number one, two, three, four … but it’s only negative. I have done very positive things … like when I get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – it trends in a negative way. In other words, ‘why would they nominate him? He only created peace in the Middle East? … Why would he do a thing like that?’…

The trending in Twitter, is just some guy – and I think I know who it is – just picking whatever he can, like hydroxychloroquine, they had it trending for weeks and weeks and weeks. That’s not a trend. They just tried to make us look bad even though it’s gotten some rave reviews and doctors are loving it more than ever …

They had it trending in a very, very negative way for many weeks … You and I know in a pop culture, hydroxychloroquine is not going to be a #1 trend … maybe for a night, or half a night, or an hour … but they had it up there forever. It’s just a phony trend …

If they ever did anything like that, we would sue them under Section 230 … We would sue them and do everything we could to get rid of Section 230 … The funny thing is … I protect them more than the democrats. The Democrats hate them. I actually protect them because I wasn’t to see great companies – I don’t want to see China take over … I think … the democrats would want to repeal section 230. If we repeal Section 230 all of those companies go out of business … because we would take away their liability shield.

Dan Bongino: It’s a real shame. We are the defenders of free speech and we seem to be the focus of a lot of their attacks.

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