The Super Bowl Champion and Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman Joins His Accomplished Wife to Discuss and Explore Provocative and Personal Issues

New York- January 17, 2020Mouthpeace with Michael and Pele Bennett, the fourth weekly podcast series from the new podcast network Lemonada Media, launched its official trailer today. Hosted and executive produced by Michael Bennett, the NFL defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and best-selling author, and his wife Pele, food advocate and co-leader of The Bennett Foundation, the series explores personal and provocative topics ranging from love, sex, parenting, the NFL and politics. The first episode will be available on January 31, and Lemonada will release a new episode every Friday through the spring.

In Mouthpeace, Michael and Pele don’t hold back – they speak openly about their personal lives, share parenting tips from raising their three daughters together, and also tackle issues of national importance through provocative conversations with guests like Dr. Eddie Glaude, Freeway Rick Ross, Flint Taylor, Tobe & Fat, and John Carlos. Michael & Pele also open up about their experiences in the NFL, including processing the question of whether to retire in the coming years with NFL friends Dawan Landry and wife Dominique Lee-Fong Landry.

Over the years, the high school sweethearts have taken on social issues, including racial justice work, food security, and authoring a children’s book. Now these unapologetic truth-tellers are inviting listeners and guests into their professional and private lives to explore provocative and personal topics: from sitting out the national anthem to keeping their sex life fresh. Like Michael and Pele, Mouthpeace manages to be many things at once: hilarious, inquisitive, and unfiltered.

“A podcast seemed like such a natural next step for us. We’ve been around the country with the NFL, written books, started a foundation, and had this intense life together, and we have a set of perspectives and experiences that we want to share and explore with Mouthpeace listeners,” said Michael. “That, and we have questions. I’m excited for people to hear from our guests about topics like retirement, protest, drug policy, sex and marriage, everything we want to talk about,” added Pele.

“Michael and Pele joined us for a taping of our podcast Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**Hole early on, and they were so thoughtful, funny, and had such incredible chemistry behind the mic that we knew they needed a show with Lemonada,” shared Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Lemonada’s co-founder and Chief Creative Officer. “With Mouthpeace, Lemonada and the Bennetts are creating a new space: where activism, sports culture, and relationships meet – that’s this show. It’s going to resonate far and wide because Pele and Michael are just so open and honest. So rarely do we get to know the intimate details of public figures who have had such an impact on American mainstream households,” said Lemonada’s CEO and co-founder, Jessica Cordova Kramer.

In the premiere episode, Michael and Pele welcome us into their relationship talking about how they met (they respectfully disagree about the story), had children together at a young age, and then embarked on a journey of blending together their two families and cultures as they journeyed together through five cities and NFL teams.

In the second episode, the wife-husband duo discusses whether Michael will ever be able to retire from football, and are then joined by ex-NFL star Dawan Landry and his wife Dominique Lee-Fong Landry to talk about life after the NFL. Each episode will end with a Pro Tip segment from Michael and Pele on every topic you can imagine, from screen time for kids to communication during sex.

Michael Bennett is a Dallas Cowboys football player and Super Bowl Champion as well as a self-described feminist, activist, author, and devoted husband and father. He’s a New York Times best-selling author of Things That Make White People Uncomfortable and uses his platform to raise awareness about important social issues, weaving in his passion for social justice and education. Michael and his wife, Pele, run The Bennett Foundation with their children.

Pele Bennett is a passionate food advocate and a skilled Polynesian dancer who toured the world with her family growing up. She oversees The Bennett Foundation with Michael and their three daughters, who are homeschooled, a topic the couple loves to explore.

“Once again, the talented team at Lemonada Media has created a unique podcast with a fresh voice. Michael and Pele do not hold back as they go deep on love, sex, parenting, and politics,” says Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing, Cumulus Radio and President, Westwood One. “It’s a bold perspective that we’re bringing to market in a big way.” Lemonada Media teamed up with Westwood One, America’s largest audio network, to distribute, sell, and market the shows to build audiences across the Lemonada network.

Award-winning podcaster Jessica Cordova Kramer and best-selling author Stephanie Wittels Wachs joined forces in spring 2019 to form Lemonada Media offering an unfiltered version of the human experience and a slate of podcasts that make life suck less. The network offers content that is raw and real, sorting through the ugliness, weirdness, awkwardness, and darkness life can bring. They recently launched the chart-topping and award-nominated “Last Day,” their first of three original series, followed by “As Me with Sin’ead” and “Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**Hole.”Transcripts of each episode are available the week each episode airs.

Westwood One, the national-facing arm of Cumulus Media, offers iconic, nationally syndicated sports, news and entertainment content to over 250 million monthly listeners across an audio network of 8,000 affiliated broadcast radio stations and media partners.

Lemonada is represented by UTA. The Bennetts are represented by WASSERMAN.